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gnurpgm - an opensource 2d-gamestudio



Well, some good news for firefox users: The menu bar at the top of this website doesn't suck anymore.
Before I came up with that new version you poor users were forced to get used to strange rendering error ( wtf isn't clear WHEN I SAY HEIGHT: 100PX; !? ).

However I finally gave the gnurpgm suite some more finishing, as it is now possible to make your own project indepedent event templates, which will work for every user on any system, I'm gonna tryin' if my granny can make her own rpg with some templates now ( wohoo, a next Zelda mini-game? xD Kick-ass -> get TREASURE <3 ).

So I'm happy to introduce gnurpgm 0.2-2!
Some bug fixes. More klick-ass. ( I swear, even OS X users are meanwhile able to create games with gnurpgm ;) )



Welcome to the GNU Role-Play-Game-Maker's project page !

The GNU Role Play Game Maker was indicated to provide a free and open source clone from the commercial RPG Makers, but meanwhile it's feature-count is becoming far better.

The maker is in an stable state, but I persist on calling it alpha-software as I didn't implement all planned features yet.

Have fun using this software! :)
Should you desire even more features, you may request them here.

You can also see gnurpgm on Qt-Apps and on Facebook - so don't forget to join :).