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Classic Maps
You can create classic maps, like in the Enterbrain RPG makers.
Up to 5 Tilesets (and 5 layers) are possible per map.

Click and Point Maps
You can create interactive click'n'point maps like in Monkey Island and Kings Quest.

The Matrix
Remember good ol' hero-attributes like "strength", "dexterity", "magic", "life" and so on?
Through the Matrix-Feature you can expand those to give your heroes more attributes, like in Skyrim for example: Let's give your hero abilities like "Smithing", "Speech", "Lockpicking" and so on!
You decide what you want/need for your game!

Resources Repositories
Tired of Googlin' for a cute tileset?
Forget this! - Through the Resources Repositories feature you can download those directly through gnurpgm!

gnurpgm has a hand full of tools built-in, like:
A tool for mixing tilesets (done)
A tool for creating charsets ("sprites")
A Repository Manager to create/manage Resource Repositories
The Mod-Studio for developing mods.

One of the above tools. This enables you to customize your workflow. Remeber what pain in the- it was to have a fancy box wraped around your message text back then at the old rpg makers? Well, create one mod that handles this and later in the event-editing you only say "this mod - with this message text". So you have only one command instead of 4. That deal sounds good to me :]

The Interpreter
This is what enables people to play gnurpgm-projects. As it is written in Qt it is capable of running on many plattforms like Windows, Linux, Android, Symbian and so on.

Tired of playin' alone? Play with your friends!

The community
Share mods, ressource and event templates. People will be able to apply them 1:1 so this can be an awesome help!

Open Source
Actually, all of this is written and published under an open source license (GPLv3)

Unlock Archivements
Unlock archivements during your game-developement with gnurpgm to prove that you're using this software to it's fullest.