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I'm back at work for some days now.

This code feels like home ... Screw the ogre sdk! I hope i'll never have to touch it again!
However, I'm going to finish the event-editor of the suite before i resume the work on the interpreter.

Try the git clones weekly, there might be treasure, aye!


The project will be full-powerd continued by me from June 2012.

Meanwhile you can checkout gnurpgm's git repository for the current rpg maker suite and its appropriate interpreter (= the thing that lets you play your games)

The current git versions don't contain alle features that are going to be built in, but they represent the very current developement state.
To get things to work grab the QtSDK and QtCreator (<- is not necessary but i recommend it to everyone as it eases the build process), clone the source code from the git link below and open with QtCreator the or file. Once you opened QtCreator with one of those files hit Control+R or press the left-bottom play button to build and run the current versions.
Sorry again for the delay :(

git clone git://

If you feel like yelling at me, or you just want to say hello, you can do this on Facebook:


Next release on Saturday, the 24th of December.

I'm very sorry for this 0.3-series release delay. I try to get the new editor part ready in the next days and release everything as soon as possible!

The next release's project files structure will be partial incompatible with the current one.
If you want to access the old website, click here.